57. BTT 2014 der DTHG4. bis 6. Juni 2014 - Karlsruhe

57th Bühnentechnische Tagung (BTT): Karlsruhe (Germany), June 4th to 6th 2014
Conference and trade show for stage technology organized by Deutsche Theatertechnische Gesellschaft (DTHG)

Every to years DTHG organizes a Bühnentechnische Tagung (BTT) – a conference and trade show for stage technology.

The 57th BTT will take place in Karlsruhe from June 4th to 6th 2014:

    80 exhibitors from all sectors of stage technology, educational institutions as well as DTHG’s cooperating associations will present themselves.
    All boothes will be prepared ready for use: with an equal size of 2,5 x 3 metres (row stand or corner stand), equipped with a table and two chairs, electricity and WLAN access.

    The conference will offer many specific lectures, panel discussions and workshops, p.e. to the themes
    • The new „Kulturkraftwerk Dresden“
    • Safety warranties for stage technology devices
    • The new BGI 810
    • Digital Dividend II: Are we going to lose further 100 MHz?
    • European education projects
    • Room acoustics
    • Jobs in the production and event sector – Aspects of labour and social security legislation
    • Daylight on the stage and other green initiatives
    • Virtual studio

    Access to all conference events as well as making use of the catering (rolls, lunch, cake, non-alcoholic drinks) is already included in the ticket fees!
    More information (i.a. the application forms for exhibitors and the online ticket shop) can be found here:

    Entrance fees
    The visit of all the congress's events is included in the entrance fee, as well as catering for visitors and exhibitors.
    Day ticket:
    45 € / DTHG-Members: 25 € / Students/trainees: 15 €.
    full event ticket (20.-21.06.2012):
    65 € / DTHG-Members: 40 € / Students/trainees: 20 €.
    Tickets for the DTHG-Night:
    50 € / DTHG-Members 35 €.

    Stand fees for exhibitors:
    3.700,00 €
    DTHG member companies: 2.900,00 €

    Have a look here for our
    general conditions and the application and order form for exhibitors.

    We are looking forward to your visit!

    Schwarzwaldhalle, Messe und Kongresszentrum Karlsruhe, Am Festplatz, 76137 Karlsruhe

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